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Free Rap Beats

Welcome to our free rap beats page, where you can download any instrumental for free! Although we have beats for sale on our homepage, we started this site to make and share our music with the world and to add some soul to hip hop. We love the sound of live instruments & samples in instrumental beats, and listen to artists like Nas, Big L, Wale, and others who rap over backing tracks with SOUL! We invite you to download these free instrumentals and add your own flavor to them: rap over them, add a hook, use them for background music in a video project, etc… they’re yours for the taking! If you finish a track using one of our free hip hop beats, please send us a link to it & we’ll publish it on our site! We love helping good artists get more exposure, and will feature you on our Twitter, Soundcloud, & Facebook pages.

Download Instructions

hover over the download button for any of the free rap instrumentals below & click “Save Link As” to download the MP3 file (image here).

I Feel Like Dancin’ – Sampled Beat

So Far Away From Home – Sampled Beat

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Want to make your own beats? Check out our tutorials and read our tips, or check out the free online beat maker Sound Nation to make your own. We’ll be adding new tracks to this page & our Soundcloud page as often as possible, so come back soon for more updates. In the meantime, check out our premium, royalty-free, tracked out rap beats on the Pro Rap Beats homepage!

Starin’ At Ya Girl – Sampled Beat

RATATAT – Sampled Beat

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